Common Kitchen Countertop Problems That Should Be Repaired?

Here are some of the most typical problems that contractors encounter as they install kitchen countertops that need to be fixed right away: 

If the walls aren’t horizontal or vertical as they are supposed to be, mount the countertop as planned and then correct or fill the wall surface with other products or plaster additive. Make sure to secure the countertop using a heavy polyethylene plastic wrap.  

Wrong design— 

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, having the wrong design is one of the most common issues. Occasionally, once the old kitchen cabinets and countertop have not been eliminated or when you’ve incorporated walls in the new layout, incorrect measurements can cause tons of issues such as horizontal or vertical surfaces not long, short, or flat countertops, incorrect angles or perhaps you never planned to have the new countertop into the planned location. If you encounter these, they can be a total headache especially if you do not know how to manage it. 

Rupture backsplash  

The countertop backsplash can simply be harmed if it’s being carried to be installed. To resolve this issue, do not throw away the broken part. Instead, keep it and have it glued to the surface of the countertop. Utilize the recommended glue. Then, use sandpapers to polish the new joint.  

Crack on the edge of appliance or fixture 

Normally, the cracking issue is due to a poor installation without the needed support under the countertop. This could take place in the sink, front of the stove, or in massive unsupported spaces of your kitchen countertop. To avoid this, make sure that the cabinet where the stove will be positioned has openings to help dissipate heat. Moreover, guarantee to inspect whether that extra supports have been setup below such areas and ensure that long unsupported places have extra reinforcements below the countertop. 

Rupture kitchen countertop 

When a kitchen countertop is either poorly installed, installed on top of an unleveled surface, or when the glue wasn’t allowed to dry, it leads to a rupture countertop. This usually happens as well if it’s subjected to very high loads with not enough support underneath it or on top of a small countertop surface, particularly that small space in front of the sink.  

Water or sink leakage 

If the sink has not been sealed and installed property over the joint, then there’s a possibility that the water will reach inside your kitchen cabinets, which can damage them eventually.  Make sure to thoroughly inspect the drainage pipe and whether the sink was properly sealed with silicon all over the joint and sink. Moreover, check the dimensions where the hot and cold water supply lines are positioned. This way, you can plan in advance and have the proper openings for these water pipes. When you get the incorrect measurements, you can transport a router and create oval openings, which enables the rough-in to be positioned. If you’re not confident doing this yourself, feel free to contact a kitchen countertop repair Red Deer specialist today.  


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Stone Masonry Professional

Masonry house improvements can offer a lot of value to your home and quality to your life. However, outdoor fireplaces, veneer facades, walkways, and stone patios require an expert professional to perform. Because of this, it is vital to get a good grip on who you’ll be hiring when looking for a potential masonry Fargo contractor for your project.  

Here are a couple of questions to ask a professional masonry contractor: 

What’s the Payment Schedule and Cost? 

In general, construction contracts include a schedule of installments and a partial payment upfront. It is often another share of the halfway mark and a final payment when the project is complete. It might be an indication that you need to look for another contractor if the contractor asks you to pay more than 50% in advance. Almost every agreement is an estimate. Also, when hiring a stone masonry contractor, you have to ask about restrictions on possible cost overruns.  

Do You Have References? 

When it comes to home improvement projects, it is extremely important to ask for references. You can easily get an idea of the professionalism and skill of the potential contractor by calling a couple of previous customers or driving by the site of a past job. A confident contractor will not hesitate to provide you a couple of references. If he/she won’t provide, it can be a red flag. 

Are You Registered with the BBB? 

This is not a huge factor to consider. However, nowadays, we are living in a digital age. Unsatisfied customers will vent their displeasure on Yelp, Google, and a lot of other online review websites. For those who don’t know, the BBB takes complaints more seriously and follows up with the contractor about the situation. This means that the BBB is more credible compared to others. Thus, it will be a lot better if the contractor has an affiliation with the BBB. 

Do You Have an Insurance? 

In general, government certification means that the contractor is required to have insurance. It is not common for insurance providers to drop an insurance carrier for excessive claims or missing a payment. It is vital to know that you will be the one held accountable if an injury or accident happens during the project and the contractor does not have insurance. Of course, you do not want to face a civil claim just because you worked with an uninsured professional. Make sure you ask to see the documents to know if the insurance is legit or not. Don’t hire a contractor without any insurance. 

Are You State Certified? 

Nowadays, there are a lot of sub-par contractors in the industry. That’s why certifications are required. As a homeowner, it is in your ideal interest to work with a professional who is certified. This certification will tell you that the contractor is a professional and does not offer sub-par work. The state should have a record if previous clients have lodged complaints about poor-quality work. Certification will separate high-quality professionals from shoddy contractors.  


Common Materials for Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen renovation, it will not be complete if you do not include a new countertop. You can add a lot of style and personality to your kitchen if you’ve got new countertops. However, the thing is that it’s extremely hard to choose a countertop that is right for your needs.  

For those who don’t know, there are a lot of materials that you can choose for your new countertop. Every single one of these materials has various costs and qualities. Before you start your kitchen renovation, it’s vital for you to understand what these various materials are. This will enable you to choose the right material for your needs.  

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a countertop material. This includes countertop repair Frisco, durability, aesthetics, and much more. Today, we are going to share with you a couple of common materials for kitchen countertops. 


A couple of materials are more unique compared to limestone. The reason for this is because of its enticing aesthetic and soft coloring. The ideal aspect of this material is that it’s easy to see fossilized animals and plants in the stone. A couple of lucky homeowners have limestone countertops that have fossilized animals and plants, which is quite cool.  


There are a couple of homeowners that really love this type of countertop. This excellent material comes in a range of warm shades. Thus, it is ideal for kitchens. For your travertine countertop, you can choose between a glossy or a matte finish.  


When it comes to marble countertops, people will immediately associate it with luxury. Marble is always elegant when incorporated into a house. It does not matter how it’s done. Of course, this includes countertops. Marble is an extremely durable material, just like granite. In addition to that, it is simple to clean. However, there is one major drawback to this material. Marble countertops are a bit expensive compared to others.  


While it’s a quite popular material, there’s nothing wrong when you choose it for your countertop. Granite countertops are very easy to maintain and are extremely durable. Aside from that, they come in a range of various colors. Thus, you will have an easy time choosing the right shade.  


When it comes to countertops, granite is a common choice. It is an elegant stone that provides sophistication and luxury. However, one excellent alternative to granite is quartz. It is a hygienic and durable product that will fit in any kitchen design.  

Choosing the right countertop material can feel a bit overwhelming with so many choices. Fortunately, you can always ask for help. A professional kitchen remodeling company can help you choose the right material for you. With a lot of years of experience, they can help you pick the ideal material for your countertop base on your needs. They can also explain the benefits and drawbacks of each material so that you can make an informed decision. Contact a professional right away if you need help.