Nelson J. Nichols Sculptural Gallery

Artist's Statement


This Web has been built solely as an education source for art lovers with a particular interest in classical sculpture, including being able to follow the creative process from inception to completion. It also provides a visual insight into the Artist"s own unique style he calls "Spiritual Expressionism", as well as his own venture into the world of abstract interpretation.

Though a painter and graphics artist throughout his life the past 20 plus years have been devoted primarily to sculpture. His sculptural body of work, executed in stone, bronze, and wood encompasses: anatomical/figurative pieces in classical realism; a series of abstract interpretations; a series entitled "Life - A Sculptural Interpretation" illustrating universal/spiritual concepts in his own unique style he calls "Spiritual Expressionism"; and environmentally inspired series, including sculptures of endangered/threatened species, often in an anthropomorphic composition.

Jungle Mist

He believes art must come from within (i.e. the soul) and be presented in the most original and interpretive sense, yet still be executed with the highest possible degree of artistic expertise/skill. He further sees art as a communicative process and believes in offering substance to the viewer. His work maximizes centripetal movement/flow, creating a symbiotic interrelationshp of compositional elements aimed at drawing the viewer into the work.