Tips for Patching a Drywall

You’ve got to prepare the wall before you will be able to paint it. However, this typically includes patching. Patching drywall is one of the most crucial steps. To get great results, though, it often takes more than just a small putty knife and a can of spackle.  

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips for patching your drywall Red Deer. This will help you achieve a perfect wall, prevent issues, and speed up the process. 

Use Repair Spray to Cover Cracks 

Typically, stress cracks show up around door openings and windows. This is because of the movement of the frames. They’re difficult to permanently repair. However, an excellent way to extend the life of your repair is to use spray-on crack repair. The spray creates a flexible membrane over the crack. This membrane can relax and stretch as the wall moves.  

You should fill the crack first with the patching compound if it is open. After that, use the crack-repair spray to cover the crack. Make sure you follow the directions. Ensure that the spray is dry before you paint it. You can purchase crack-repair spray online, at paint stores, or at hardware shops.  

Create a Dent for the Patching Compound 

Typically, there’s a small ridge of drywall or old paint sticking out when you get rid of a picture hanger, drywall anchor, or nail. This is difficult to cover using patching material. Making a dent over the hole is the solution. After that, you can fill the dent. Almost every high-quality putty knife has a rounded hard brass or plastic end on the handle that perfectly works for creating the dent. You can also use the handle of a utility knife or the rounded end of a screwdriver handle.  

Utilize Setting Compound for Huge Holes 

It is fine to use a patching compound to fill small wall dings and screw holes. However, for bigger drywall repairs and deep holes, it is ideal to utilize a joint compound. You can purchase a joint compound in powder form. Usually, the setting times range from 5 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Whenever you mix the compound with water, the reaction starts. The compound will be hard within the specified time. The joint compound that hardens within 5 minutes is great since you can purchase the powder in a box and the compound quickly hardens. Thus, you can immediately apply for another coat. Keep in mind that setting-type compounds are more difficult to sand compared to ordinary patching materials. Thus, when you fill the hole, you’ve got to ensure you strike them off flush to the surface.  

Utilize Self-Priming Filler 

Before you paint, you have to use a sealing-type primer to prime patches made using old-school patching materials. If you don’t, you will notice the patches when you finish painting. You’ll notice it as foggy areas. However, you can avoid this step if you utilize a self-priming patching product to patch the area. You can find a lot of these on home improvement shops.  

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